Tsenkharla Middle Secondary School was established in the year 1978 with Lyonpo Zangley Drukpa (Health Minister) as the first principal along with few faithful teachers and three classrooms of students. The school nests on the hilltop of Khamdang Village. In time of its establishment, it used to be known as Rangthangwong Primary School derived from the two overlapping stones which are in the shape of the traditional grinding stone.

 With the infrastructure development support from World Bank the school was upgraded to Rangthangwong Junior High School in 1995. The name carried on until fatefully in  
1997 the then  Secretary General of Health and  Education Sangay Nidup renamed to  Tsenkharla Junior High School attaching importance and significance to historical remains Tsenkhar dzong  nearby the school where Lhasey Tshangma resided in the 9th century.

In 2002 the school was upgraded to Tsenkharla Middle Secondary School. Since then the school has under gone a major development progress .It has got all round sports facilities ranging from enormous football ground to a very fine basketball and volleyball court. Besides having a greater ambiance towards nature with lovely willow trees, and cypress, it has good beautiful collection of all needed library materials. And students can browse the world on the tips of their fingers just by entering into the IT lab.  

The school has the area of 13.73 acres which enable it to have a beautiful vegetable garden. This teaches students the idea of sustainability as the vegetable is first picked and herald into their own ration. The School is also connected with the road and has electricity connection. It is exactly 64 Km drive from Trashigang, and 18.4 Km from Doksum town. And a distance of 8.2 Km from Zangpozor hill, a bend where you separate Tashi Yangtse from coming to the school.

Mr. Sangay Chophel who has been the principal of the school for last two years manages the school presently. There 31 teaching staff today with more than 700 students and 23 non teaching staffs. The school strives towards giving better education to the younger ones.


"TMSS aspires to be a dynamic green school in pursuit of Gross National happiness."

  • Promoting collaborative, transparent, accountable and efficient management

  • Promoting professional development and motivation to all our staff (teaching & non teaching), so that the school is an enjoyable and satisfying place to work in
  • Helping our pupil develop their personalities, skills and abilities intellectually and socially over crucial period of change in their lives from childhood to adolescence.
  • Creating an environment conducive to learning - one which is calm yet interesting and stimulating, providing activities which makes learning challenging and enjoyable, enabling pupils realize their potentials.

  •  Develop a joy of learning in children so that their inquisitive and curious students are ready to pursue learning throughout their lives.
  • Enable the children to use their mind and hearts to positive ends, for themselves, families and the country.
  • Producing loyal and productive citizens.
    School Logo & its Interpretation

  1.  The Conch (Dungkar) signifies the priority and spiritual sound that attracts learners and echo the name and fame of the school.
  2. The Book (Legbam) symbolise the wisdom and knowledge imparted to students by teachers and go as learned alumni. 
  3. The Lotus flower (Padma meto) indicates the best location of the school and welcomimg of any learners of this school.
  4. The scarf (Khadar) represents the silken knot that builds the relationship with community and the working culture.
  5. The blue background shows the universe and the vastness in nature.